Let us help you with…

Couples Counseling

Couples come in to work on their relationship together for a 50-minute session. Sometimes, where appropriate, we will see each partner individually for a few sessions and then come back together.

Individual Counseling

Individuals see their counselor alone for a 50-minute session. We can always invite others in here and there when it seems helpful for a session or two if desired.


Life Coaching

Life coaching is for you if you have specific goals in mind. Things like navigating the challenges of dating, clarity or advancement in your career, or discovering purpose, more satisfaction and freedom in life. 

Sports/Performance Coaching

Utilizing mental skills coaching for sport will teach you effective techniques and coping skills for maximization of performance and improved results. No matter your age or level of sport – a youth/high school athlete, a weekend warrior, an elite athlete in professional sports, or if you’re just in it for the recreation – if you’re serious about improving performance for yourself or for your team, we can help you reach your goals.
We have a variety of options for consultation and training. Take a look below to choose the areas that suit you best

Coaching Consultation

Coaching consultation is for savvy coaches who realize success in teaching and guiding a team to its fullest potential requires a set of nuanced skills and techniques that go beyond knowledge of the sport and competitive game strategies. 

Team Consultation

Team consultation is for teams looking for training that will help them become a cohesive unit.  A unit where everyone buys in to the mutual vision for success and “breathes the same breath”.  Teams looking to thrive, achieve resiliency, consistency and relaxed intensity. 

Individual Athletes

Today, working on strong mental skills is part of every elite athlete’s training program. On a level where everyone can execute at a high level, a strong mental game helps you find an edge; helps you maintain your best performance with consistency.