Couples Counseling

Something is just not right between you.  You’re just not feeling the connection you once had, and it seems as though conflicts are more frequent and increasing in intensity.  Distance exists where none did before.

Maybe a major wrecking ball has come through your relationship and you’ve never felt so threatened.  Trust has been broken and you don’t know where to turn to find the path back from this.

Increasingly you find yourself wondering how your partner got that from what you just said.  It seems like you say one thing, but your partner hears something totally different!

Couples Counseling will give you

  • Understanding about what’s going on and why
  • Communication skills to help you navigate peacefully; even the really hard topics
  • Skills to rebuild connection
  • A path for both of you to regularly get what you want and need
  • Some relief from all the turmoil

Wondering what to do if your partner is not really into coming to counseling?

One person in a relationship CAN affect change.  We’d love to have you both, but if you are open to counseling, but your partner is not, absolutely consider coming individually.  Your efforts will make a difference and could shift everything permanently.  

Couples and individuals leave counseling with clarity, better communication skills, and a clear vision of the path forward.  Give us a call or book a session and let’s get going. We can help.

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